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Our Story

Edward's Bistro Is a Family Affair

Named after our only son, Edward, you might say the Bistro is a labour of love. I fell in love with food from a young age. Not only is the kitchen a creative space, where the result is always a healthful and delicious meal, but the process of turning raw ingredients into a gourmet plate is like mixing fine art with the rules of chemistry. As a Quebec-born up-and-coming chef, I learned to use the tools of the trade to transform my experiments into true works of art. Over the years, the classical techniques I acquired as chef behind the counter of some truly high-end establishments have allowed me to hone and build on my craft. As a professional Red Seal Chef, I can get back to basics and start experimenting again - after all, you need to know the rules before you break them! 

However, looking back, it has been the years with my family that have truly made me the chef I am today. All of my Asian-inspired dishes are down to my beautiful and brilliant wife, Rosie - and, as any husband will tell you - she does most of the real work! When we cook, we cook with our family in mind. The way I see it: now that Edward's is cooking for Cornwall, we're really just expanding our family. 

-Jason Wagner, Owner & Executive Chef

Owners & Executive Chefs

Jason Wagner


The faces behind the food -

Partners in life and partners in the kitchen: Rosie & Jason

Welcome to Edward's and welcome to the family!


Our Cafe

Sourced Locally & Ethically - Always Fresh.

At Edward's, we roast and grind our own beans, sourced from farmers across the world. Though the country of origin might differ, the quality never will!

Our Bakery

Fresh, Decadent, Delicious

All our pastries are sourced from the renowned Ottawa Bakery, Three Tarts. We've had a close working relationship with Three Tarts for over twenty years, and we wouldn't trust your after-dinner delights with anyone but the very best!

Our Cornwall

Local food, local art, local love!

Are you an artist looking for a place to display your gorgeous works of art? Come on down to Edward's Bistro - our wall space is your gallery!

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